Company History

AVC was originally founded in 1966 in Miami, Florida by Eric Wiborg Sr. Under his leadership, the company experienced rapid growth and soon enjoyed a sterling reputation for excellence in both quality and service.

After nearly three decades of success in the plastics industry, the sudden and unfortunate loss of Eric Wiborg Sr. left a void in the market. Inspired by their father's achievements, Eric Wiborg Jr., John Wiborg, and Bob Wiborg set out to follow in his footsteps and, with the help of key personnel from the original AVC, founded Wiborg Vinyl Company in 1982. Wiborg Vinyl, operating in the original AVC building constructed by Eric Sr. in 1968, continued the tradition of excellence and grew to be one of the largest profile extruders in the United States.

In 1997, after 15 more years of uncompromised quality and service, the Wiborg brothers decided to retire and sold Wiborg Vinyl to a large textile manufacturer. Quickly bored by the retired life and desiring to include yet a third generation in the family business, Eric Jr. relaunched AVC in 2002 and was soon joined by his sons, Eric Wiborg III and Ryan Wiborg.

While the industry has changed dramatically over the past 50+ years, the family values and principles on which AVC was founded remain a part of the company's identity. In a world of cost-cutting and bottom lines, you can still expect the same high-quality products backed by exemplary customer service AVC has been delivering for over half a century.